JEBA members met with the World Bank team

   من التاريخ: 2022-09-11      إلى تاريخ: 0000-00-00

عنوان: JEBA members met with the World Bank team
من التاريخ: 2022-09-11
إلى تاريخ: 0000-00-00
موقعك: Amman, JEBA

JEBA members arranged a crucial meeting with a pioneer team of the World Bank to discuss several points:

The importance of foreign direct investment to Jordan and its succession was discussed with foreign investors and their countries, to be reflected over time in mutual trade between countries. Emphasis was placed on small, medium, micro, small and medium enterprises, the extent to which the economy supports employment, the cost of doing business/power/tax/interest rate / and the importance of access to financing and expansion with financial programs for the lowest cost for borrowing purposes. The importance of free trade agreements has been addressed to Jordan and other participating countries, and this will help comply with the rules of origin criteria. It has also been noted that there are many opportunities for highly qualified Jordanians for various professions, as most of Jordan's population are young teachers.

It was noted the great value of the continuous support from the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, and the International Monetary Fund to Jordan and that Jordan has succeeded in maintaining the rating in a positive direction and the stability of all sectors. In addition to discussing Jordan's success in growth in its sectors, especially industrial, financial, service, and tourism, Jordan is witnessing high growth in many sectors and exports as well. The Central Bank's programs were disclosed, which are very important for sectors that operate under low-cost terms and are characterized by their flexibility, and this needs to increase their effectiveness.

The team concluded the meeting by expressing their optimism about the vision of economic modernization in Jordan, which will create one million job opportunities and 41 billion Jordanian dinars for the next ten years. They added that large projects will create developments in all countries, especially mega projects that are still in the preparation stage.