JEBA Organizes a Cocktail Reception aiming at Strengthening Jordanian European Relations


JEBA Organizes a Cocktail Reception aiming at Strengthening Jordanian European Relations

The head of the Jordanian European Business Association (JEBA), Ali Murad, said that there are untapped opportunities between Jordan and the European Union, calling for exploring and developing them, and searching for ways to increase exports and connect the two business communities.


During a reception organized by the association for a number of ambassadors of the European Union countries and trade attaches, under the title "Strengthening Jordanian-European Relations" in the presence of a number of official institutions, private sector institutions, and members of the association; He expressed his appreciation for the support provided by the Union to the Jordanian economy through grants and technical assistance, stressing the need to strengthen the private sector at the core of its work to comply with the requirements of European markets.


He pointed out in a statement today, Tuesday, that Jordan represents a business environment that attracts investment, due to the availability of many advantages, including stability, security, and a prominent geographical location, which makes it an important gateway to enter the region's markets, in addition to the existence of many agreements with various countries, calling for the necessity of Reducing production costs, especially energy and transportation costs, in order to enhance the competitiveness of national products locally and abroad.

He added, "Although there are obstacles facing Jordanian companies wishing to enter the European market, many success stories must be focused on and benefited from in other experiences from various sectors."


In turn, the Ambassador of the European Union in Jordan, Maria Hadjitheodosiou, considered that Jordan has great potential to attract investments, which contribute positively to economic growth rates and export development, stressing the existence of promising future investment opportunities that can be further developed in cooperation with the countries of the Union, especially in the areas of green growth. and the water, energy, and renewable energy sectors.


The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Investment, Zaher Al-Qatarneh, indicated the importance of focusing on the attractive investment environment, genuine partnerships with the local and international private sectors, and facilitating procedures in order to stimulate investment and generate investment opportunities in various industrial and economic sectors, pointing to the role of the Jordanian market in promoting trade agreements with countries of the world.


Al-Qatarneh presented the advantages of the new investment environment law to increase the competitiveness of the Kingdom, stressing the ministry's readiness to provide all facilities and cooperation with any party wishing to direct its investments to Jordan.


For his part, the Director of the Department of Economic Affairs and International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ismail Maaytah, reviewed the investment opportunities available in Jordan, and the major projects that he intends to engage in, especially in the fields of energy, water, and tourism, pointing to the importance of the Jordanian market in free trade, which helps to increase exports to markets.

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