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For some people, relaxation comes when they go for a vacation or for some others, spending time with friends over cold beer placed in chillers (learn more about chillers) and other drinks may be an effective method. That said, there are also many people who choose yoga for this purpose.

Many people practice yoga to increase their body’s flexibility, their muscle’s tone and strength, lose weight, protect themselves from injury, as well as enhance their metabolism, respiration, vitality, energy, cardio and circulatory health and athletic performance. However, any yoga session would never be successful without a qualified and experienced teacher. In Bidvine, a list of yoga teachers with their background and service details is available to browse through.

For instance, yoga teachers in Guildford have ample years of experience behind them. The instructors that you can find on Bidvine are professionals that deserve a lot more attention. They motivate and inspire people from all ages and walks of life, including those who are overweight, pregnant or sick. They teach yoga in a professional, modern, authentic and enjoyable way. They offer both group or private lessons to help those who want to balance their physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological dimensions.

Yoga teachers in Guildford, big town in Surrey, England 27 miles southwest of central London have their own style of teaching yoga classes, their own specialization and expertise.

Yoga teachers in Guildford can handle either group yoga, private yoga and therapeutic yoga classes. Group classes are offered in a regular basis for people of any sex, ability and age. Their approach is usually challenging, informative, fun and friendly.

Private sessions are for specific needs of individuals done one-to-one in the comfort of the student’s home or in the yoga studio. Some teachers of this kind of classes specialize teaching cancer survivors at any stage of their journey.

Some yoga teachers in Guildford specialize in people with medical conditions, have injury or want a more healing and gentle approach. These teachers are compassionate, caring and highly-trained and experienced. Yoga teachers in Guildford that can be found on Bidvine, the following of which is a preview of what they are like:

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Teaching alignment based on Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Julee draws inspiration from other yoga classes, needs of her attendees as well as other requirements. Her teaching style has strong roots in Anusara, Jivamukti and Prana Vinyasa yogas.

Julee teaches beginners alignment orientation, giving her students the time to feel the body’s alignment in various yoga poses. Each pose is held for a few breaths. This is to learn postures, how to stack joints and gives more freedom in shapes.

Julee’s experienced students are offered more complex flows, poses and transitions. Poses are more challenging and dynamic that they can drive one’s comfortable edge forward. Meanwhile, the more advanced students who are over 60 years old and not physically active are focused on maintaining health of joints and muscles. The work is still physical but done differently. Poses are not held too long while movements are repetitive as they to keep the students active and strong.


She studied “Shintaido,” a Japanese body movement which roots are from Karate. She was in Japan for two years to deepen her understanding of “Shintaido” and become a teacher of it. She is a member of YMCA Yoga Professionals.

Find them on Bidvine and request for quote. Also, you may also find other yoga instructors near you on Bidvine.


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