When Should I Visit My Dentist?

visiting a dentist

As part of taking care of our overall health, visiting the dentist should be done at least once, twice or thrice a year. Since each and everyone’s condition varies, the frequency of paying visits to the dental clinic will also depend on dental health condition of the person.

However, there may be days when you will have to see a dentist not for your regular check-ups but for other dental health or mouth problems you are experiencing.

reasons to go to the dentist

Possible Reasons

  • Lacerations

Cuts on the gums, tongue or other parts in the mouth may be a reason as to why a visit to the dentist is necessary. If your dentist is not fit for the problem, he or she also refer you to a different and specific type of doctor suited for your case.

  • Broken or Chipped Tooth

There are situations when a tooth becomes chipped; if the chipped piece is kept, it may possibly be reattached to the tooth. However, the extent as to how bad the chipping is will determine how the dentist will be able to treat the problem.

  • Misalignment of Tooth

In other cases, often as a result of direct trauma, a tooth may be forced out of its natural and proper position. A trip to the dentist must be done immediately in order for it to be re-positioned without further damages.

  • Loss of Permanent Tooth

Regardless of the reasons behind the loss, losing a permanent tooth will definitely be treated through implants or wearing false tooth. Before implantation, however, an evaluation by the dentist must be conducted. Furthermore, if the lost tooth is recovered, always keep it moist in saliva or milk in order for it to be possibly reattached.

  • Toothache

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it may be caused by cavities or other infections. The dentist should have a look on the aching tooth in order to provide you with a solution. Perhaps, this is the most common reason for a visit to the dentist. Toothaches that are severe or worsen when chewing and causes swelling on the cheek, gums, or the face are those that need immediate attention. Pain killers can only be good for for a few hours, if not treated properly by a dentist, the pain will come back.

  • Gum Swelling or Pain

If your gums are red, swelling and/or painful, the dentist should evaluate it since you might possibly be facing gum problems such as gingivitis or other gum diseases that require immediate cure.

  • Jaw Problems

Dentists do not only deal with teeth and gums, they may also check on your jaw joints. A clicking or popping sensation you are experiencing may be caused by temporomandibular joint syndrome; this problem is taken care by dentists through giving anti-inflammatory medications or mouth guards.

What to Remember

When visiting a dentist, always make sure you end up going to the trusted and reliable ones such as ATX Dental, this is for you to avoid further problems as well as to make sure you get the right medicines and treatment necessary for your dental problems. To learn more about our dental specialists and services, check out ATX’s location below