The Best Alternative for Xmas Lights This Year

xmas lighting

If you’re like most people – you’ll know that Xmas season is one of the most magic and best times to bring everyone together. Nothing smells, feels and marks the coming of Christmas time like decorating your house, tree, yard or maybe even your dog.

Xmas lighting has become a staple of the holiday tradition for the last fifty years ever since manufacturing allowed for the production of cheap christmas lights and accessories. Since that time things have really progressed, most families have multiple Xmas lights setup in their house. Most of them are a gigantic mess of lights, wires, and bulbs all through in an old box in the garage just waiting to be used the next year.

Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds within the last thirty years and there are much better options currently available for Christmas lighting.  We discussed a couple of those options in this post, specifically better Xmas lighting alternatives.

Laser Christmas Lights

One of the best alternatives this year is to use laser based Christmas lighting to get the heads up on your neighbors.

This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. Easier to install
  2. Safer
  3. Easy to take down
  4. Cheaper

The last part is a great feature, there are even cheaper models like snowflake projector systems that are even cheaper than the competition.  To setup this kind of lighting system we recommend a distance of five to ten feet and it’s best to shine them against a tree, wall or garage and avoid shining it into your eyes.


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