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The Importance of Packaging and Labels in Products

simple and unique packaging

Surely, we have heard of the notion that product consumers make informed and  calculated decisions. However, studies, such as in packaging and shelf testing, show that a large percentage (74%) of our purchasing decisions are done once we are inside the stores. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are usually quick, they only spend a couple of seconds to decide whether or not to buy what’s on the shelf.

This leads us to conclude on how important it is to have the right packaging and labeling for products. Whether you’re selling Christmas lights or chocolate milk, packaging and labeling has to be placed on the pedestal. These two are what the consumers initially see; thus, these are some of the initial factors they consider when deciding on what to buy.

If you’re planning to market your product, make sure you understand the importance of product packaging and labeling. Here are 3 of the most important tips you need to be aware of before you start distributing your products in stores.

Secures Product.

No potential buyer would ever want to pick out a product only to find out that it’s not sufficiently sealed. Consumers need and want products that are secured within their packaging. The challenge of the product owners, therefore, is to be able to provide a packaging that is durable, not easily torn, and not easily damaged even when it is wet.

Products will undergo shipping, transfers, storage, etc. and these are all challenges that your product’s packaging must be able to take down. Remember, a consumer’s experience with the packaging of your product will greatly affect the decision of whether or not, the consumer will purchase the product.

example of a UDISimple But Unique.

Let’s face it, people are cognitive misers. They don’t really want to think too hard to figure out how your packaging works. Hence, it’s best to keep the packaging simple yet unique. Don’t go for a packaging that requires 5 minutes to finally find the product.

Instead, go for a simply designed packaging and make sure that the design, instead, is what makes it unique. The design should be in accordance to your branding; your name, icon/symbol, etc. should be there and should be easily seen.

Indeed, the right color scheme for your packaging will also matter. Depending on the product you’re trying to sell, choose the right color patterns that will attract your customers.

Provides information.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a product is the information found in the product. Information such as the manufacturing or expiry date, the nutrition facts, the ingredients, and even the UDI. For labels like UDI, Doranix company takes care of products that need this in their labels.