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The Business of Playing Live: Playing For Gigs and Concerts

how to perform live

If it is your first time to have an upcoming gig and you’re feeling a little nervous about it, you definitely need to orient yourself about it as early as now. Knowing how things work  will help you make the necessary preparations before the day of your live performance.

Difference in Playing Live

Performing in privately is extremely different from performing on stage in front of many people. This is true for musicians, boxers, instructors, and even for modern spoken-poets. In studio, you perform only in front of your band members whom you are, more or less, comfortable with. No one really judges you or if they do, it is mostly constructive criticisms on how you can improve your performance.

Playing live, however, will entail you to have thick skin. The performer’s personality is of utmost importance. Always remember that you can never really please everyone in the audience and that is perfectly fine. Naturally, playing live will make you more nervous and conscious but that will really go away once you drown in your performance.

Moreover, playing live requires much more preparation. Your rehearsals must be sufficient and you must always have a contingency plan in case something unexpected happens. In other words, you must always be prepared.

There are several things you should know before you go out there and play. Here are some of them.

dealing with concert audience

Things You Should Know


  • Before the event, make sure you undergo a sound check for the instruments you are going to use for the event. From your guitars, speakers, amplifiers, do not skip any instrument.
  • Speaking of amplifiers, choose an amplifier that is best suited for live performances because yes, there is a difference between amplifiers for studio and for open-field performances. You may look into Best Amps’ website and products to know more.
  • You must also plan and organize your pieces before taking over the stage. As a performer or performers, if you are part of a band, you must know what to perform, how long the performance will be, the ordering of the songs, etc.
  • Rehearse it. You cannot just make the stage your rehearsal ground on the day of the actual performance. If you wish to perform again, you have to make the necessary preparations and undergoing rehearsals prior to the event is part of it.
  • Bring in extra instruments, strings, and all other things essential for you to perform. You never really know what might happen to your instruments on that day.
  • Being prepared is important but being spontaneous is also welcomed in the world of live-performance. Spontaneity is useful when it comes to your gestures and acts on stage. This will make the audience either love you or hate you.
  • Reach out to the audience as this will make them feel more acknowledged. It is always great to establish a connection with the crowd.
  • Accommodate feedback and welcome criticisms from co-members or from those who were part of the audience. Ask around for suggestions for improvement. Make your weaknesses as your strengths and turn threats into opportunities.