Jordan’s Villa Talks About His Favorite Boxing Sparring Gear

MMA Fighter Standing

Richard Villa (8-5) – still reppin’ Roswell – came down from Middleweight to lightweight to face Gabriel Benitez (14-4) in the Main event. After a big body lock suplex (Chest to Chest)by Benitez, the two scrambled, and Villa managed to Isolate one of Benitez’ legs. One roll – maybe two – until Villa locked on a tight heel hook; Benitez was forced to tap at :52 of the opening frame.

In the Co-main Conrad Padilla (4-1) watched his 0 go to Nick Rhoads (6-2). Coming in unblemished at 4-0 Padilla hoped this win would put him on the elevator up. Rhoads however had his own plan, and used his range to keep Padilla at bay for all three rounds: U/D Rhoads.

Salvador Montano (13-1) was one of three Mexican fighters who had made the pilgrimage to Jackson’s Gym for several months of training for this show. He also was the only one of the trio to come out victorious. Montano weathered an early onslaught by his opponent Jason Clayton (7-4), which left him a bit battered. For an instant it looked as though Clayton might be too much for Montano to handle, but then Montano exploded. A few solid shots dropped Clayton; Montano pounced with a barrage of punches and hammer fists, forcing the turtled Clayton to tap to strikes at 4:24 of the first.

Argentina’s Guido Cannetti looked to be in trouble early against Mohler BJJ’s Eliazar Rodriguez. Rodriguez caught Cannetti’s back, had him mounted, and even threatened with a tight armbar. Cannetti was able to lift Rodriguez and slam him to the canvas to free his arm; it was all Cannetti from there. A generous dose of GnP forced Rodriguez to give up his back, and Cannetti made sure to finish, sinking the Rear naked with 30 seconds left in the first.

Mantano’s compatriot Daniel Salas put his impressive 12-1 record on the line against Jason Brenton, 10-2, from Grand Junction, CO. Salas closed the distance early, walking Brenton down and cutting off the cage. Brenton kept his composure and looked for counters while back pedaling. Salas’ zeal left him exposed to a short right counter punch that dropped him one minute into the first: TKO Brenton. He thanked his sponsoring including US Combat Sport’s Sparring Equipment

Uber-talented Flyweight Nick Urso (6-1) made quick work of over matched Ronnie White. What White lacks in talent he makes up for in heart. White threw everything he had at Urso. Urso shook it off, pressed White against the cage; Thai plum, one knee, and lights out for White at 1:50 of the first frame.

Check back tomorrow for a breakdown of the amateur fights and photos from all the action

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