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What To Remember When Hiring A Lawyer

how to hire the right lawyer

Hiring A Lawyer

Lawyers know the law and that is mainly the reason why you need them. At some point in time, we’ll all need the help of a lawyer. Public officials hire criminal lawyers for investigations; indeed, even those who are of the highest positions need the assistance of legal professions.

Similarly, those who  considered as laymen also hire lawyers for cases such as changing their names, dealing with adoption, divorce, business matters etc. You need their knowledge of the law in order to be able to defend yourself. If you refuse to get legal assistance, your case might not be served the justice you deserve.

Whereas, having a lawyer allows you to sleep a bit more comfortably at night knowing that someone, who is an expert of the laws in your place, is working on your case. From paperwork to the rest of the proceedings, your lawyer takes care of it for you.

Simply put, your case is in the hands of your attorney. Thus, looking for a reputable criminal lawyer like the law office of Scott D. Reiner or in any other state is essential as it will dictate what will happen to you. With this in mind, we’ve compiled tips and ways in finding the right criminal defense lawyer for you.

How to Find A Lawyer

  • Know the function of a defense attorney.’

It’s important that you know the role of your defense lawyer. By checking out what their function is, you will be able to know what is covered and what is not covered by their services.

  • Know which attorney you need.

Determine what kind of situation you are in; whether you’ve violated a state law or a federal law. If it is a state law, then you need a state attorney and if it is otherwise, you will need a federal lawyer.

  • Ask recommendations.

Ask your family and friends for recommendations as they may know a reputable lawyer who has handled cases like yours.

how to get a retainer agreement

  • Search them up.

If there are recommendations, search them up. Check out their websites and seek for reviews and feedback from previous clients. This will help you determine if this attorney fits your needs.

If there are no recommendations, use the internet as a way to look for criminal lawyers within your area. Again, look into their websites as they usually provide information there. Make sure you’re looking into a legitimate lawyer.

  • Do a consultation.

You can call up the lawyer’s office for inquiries or you may set up a consultation. During your talk with the potential lawyer, do ask questions that are relevant to your situation. Ask about his work qualities, how you can contact each other, his services etc.

Do tell the potential lawyer about the facts of your case in order for him to determine if he can handle what you’re facing. This way he will also be able to estimate the cost.

  • Know the qualities you prioritize.

Choose your attorney based on the qualities you prioritize as a client. Is experience on top of your list

? Or does the lawyer’s personality matter more?

The Business of Playing Live: Playing For Gigs and Concerts

how to perform live

If it is your first time to have an upcoming gig and you’re feeling a little nervous about it, you definitely need to orient yourself about it as early as now. Knowing how things work  will help you make the necessary preparations before the day of your live performance.

Difference in Playing Live

Performing in privately is extremely different from performing on stage in front of many people. This is true for musicians, boxers, instructors, and even for modern spoken-poets. In studio, you perform only in front of your band members whom you are, more or less, comfortable with. No one really judges you or if they do, it is mostly constructive criticisms on how you can improve your performance.

Playing live, however, will entail you to have thick skin. The performer’s personality is of utmost importance. Always remember that you can never really please everyone in the audience and that is perfectly fine. Naturally, playing live will make you more nervous and conscious but that will really go away once you drown in your performance.

Moreover, playing live requires much more preparation. Your rehearsals must be sufficient and you must always have a contingency plan in case something unexpected happens. In other words, you must always be prepared.

There are several things you should know before you go out there and play. Here are some of them.

dealing with concert audience

Things You Should Know


  • Before the event, make sure you undergo a sound check for the instruments you are going to use for the event. From your guitars, speakers, amplifiers, do not skip any instrument.
  • Speaking of amplifiers, choose an amplifier that is best suited for live performances because yes, there is a difference between amplifiers for studio and for open-field performances. You may look into Best Amps’ website and products to know more.
  • You must also plan and organize your pieces before taking over the stage. As a performer or performers, if you are part of a band, you must know what to perform, how long the performance will be, the ordering of the songs, etc.
  • Rehearse it. You cannot just make the stage your rehearsal ground on the day of the actual performance. If you wish to perform again, you have to make the necessary preparations and undergoing rehearsals prior to the event is part of it.
  • Bring in extra instruments, strings, and all other things essential for you to perform. You never really know what might happen to your instruments on that day.
  • Being prepared is important but being spontaneous is also welcomed in the world of live-performance. Spontaneity is useful when it comes to your gestures and acts on stage. This will make the audience either love you or hate you.
  • Reach out to the audience as this will make them feel more acknowledged. It is always great to establish a connection with the crowd.
  • Accommodate feedback and welcome criticisms from co-members or from those who were part of the audience. Ask around for suggestions for improvement. Make your weaknesses as your strengths and turn threats into opportunities.

Jordan’s Villa Talks About His Favorite Boxing Sparring Gear

MMA Fighter Standing

Richard Villa (8-5) – still reppin’ Roswell – came down from Middleweight to lightweight to face Gabriel Benitez (14-4) in the Main event. After a big body lock suplex (Chest to Chest)by Benitez, the two scrambled, and Villa managed to Isolate one of Benitez’ legs. One roll – maybe two – until Villa locked on a tight heel hook; Benitez was forced to tap at :52 of the opening frame.

In the Co-main Conrad Padilla (4-1) watched his 0 go to Nick Rhoads (6-2). Coming in unblemished at 4-0 Padilla hoped this win would put him on the elevator up. Rhoads however had his own plan, and used his range to keep Padilla at bay for all three rounds: U/D Rhoads.

Salvador Montano (13-1) was one of three Mexican fighters who had made the pilgrimage to Jackson’s Gym for several months of training for this show. He also was the only one of the trio to come out victorious. Montano weathered an early onslaught by his opponent Jason Clayton (7-4), which left him a bit battered. For an instant it looked as though Clayton might be too much for Montano to handle, but then Montano exploded. A few solid shots dropped Clayton; Montano pounced with a barrage of punches and hammer fists, forcing the turtled Clayton to tap to strikes at 4:24 of the first.

Argentina’s Guido Cannetti looked to be in trouble early against Mohler BJJ’s Eliazar Rodriguez. Rodriguez caught Cannetti’s back, had him mounted, and even threatened with a tight armbar. Cannetti was able to lift Rodriguez and slam him to the canvas to free his arm; it was all Cannetti from there. A generous dose of GnP forced Rodriguez to give up his back, and Cannetti made sure to finish, sinking the Rear naked with 30 seconds left in the first.

Mantano’s compatriot Daniel Salas put his impressive 12-1 record on the line against Jason Brenton, 10-2, from Grand Junction, CO. Salas closed the distance early, walking Brenton down and cutting off the cage. Brenton kept his composure and looked for counters while back pedaling. Salas’ zeal left him exposed to a short right counter punch that dropped him one minute into the first: TKO Brenton. He thanked his sponsoring including US Combat Sport’s Sparring Equipment

Uber-talented Flyweight Nick Urso (6-1) made quick work of over matched Ronnie White. What White lacks in talent he makes up for in heart. White threw everything he had at Urso. Urso shook it off, pressed White against the cage; Thai plum, one knee, and lights out for White at 1:50 of the first frame.

Check back tomorrow for a breakdown of the amateur fights and photos from all the action

The Importance of Packaging and Labels in Products

simple and unique packaging

Surely, we have heard of the notion that product consumers make informed and  calculated decisions. However, studies, such as in packaging and shelf testing, show that a large percentage (74%) of our purchasing decisions are done once we are inside the stores. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are usually quick, they only spend a couple of seconds to decide whether or not to buy what’s on the shelf.

This leads us to conclude on how important it is to have the right packaging and labeling for products. Whether you’re selling Christmas lights or chocolate milk, packaging and labeling has to be placed on the pedestal. These two are what the consumers initially see; thus, these are some of the initial factors they consider when deciding on what to buy.

If you’re planning to market your product, make sure you understand the importance of product packaging and labeling. Here are 3 of the most important tips you need to be aware of before you start distributing your products in stores.

Secures Product.

No potential buyer would ever want to pick out a product only to find out that it’s not sufficiently sealed. Consumers need and want products that are secured within their packaging. The challenge of the product owners, therefore, is to be able to provide a packaging that is durable, not easily torn, and not easily damaged even when it is wet.

Products will undergo shipping, transfers, storage, etc. and these are all challenges that your product’s packaging must be able to take down. Remember, a consumer’s experience with the packaging of your product will greatly affect the decision of whether or not, the consumer will purchase the product.

example of a UDISimple But Unique.

Let’s face it, people are cognitive misers. They don’t really want to think too hard to figure out how your packaging works. Hence, it’s best to keep the packaging simple yet unique. Don’t go for a packaging that requires 5 minutes to finally find the product.

Instead, go for a simply designed packaging and make sure that the design, instead, is what makes it unique. The design should be in accordance to your branding; your name, icon/symbol, etc. should be there and should be easily seen.

Indeed, the right color scheme for your packaging will also matter. Depending on the product you’re trying to sell, choose the right color patterns that will attract your customers.

Provides information.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a product is the information found in the product. Information such as the manufacturing or expiry date, the nutrition facts, the ingredients, and even the UDI. For labels like UDI, Doranix company takes care of products that need this in their labels.


Macua Casino Image


1. 永遠不要先掀開自己的底牌,如果莊家牌桌上出現一張小牌!

2. 永遠不要買保險

3. 永遠不要在12~17停牌

4. 永遠不要將 5 和 10 分牌 – 牌九

5. 增加你的賭注只在許多大牌出現的時候

On Credit Card Debt and Bankruptcy: How Does it Work?

how to file for bankruptcy

As you find yourself drowning in a helpless pile of debts, the option to declare for bankruptcy comes close to mind. In fact, each year, about half of a million Americans declare bankruptcy. Unfortunate as it may sound, this is now how the modern world works.

Credit Card and Bankruptcy

As expected, one of the greatest reasons for bankruptcy declarations are debts concerning credit cards. With the pressure coming from debt collectors for credit card debts, many debtors are forced to declare themselves bankrupt as this might just be the easiest way to eliminate credit card debts.

Like most forms of debts, credit card debts can easily be eliminated by bankruptcy. However, when you do declare yourself bankrupt, it is a holistic approach. You cannot just file for bankruptcy for your credit card debts, all other debts from all other sources are required to be disclosed as well.

Still, there are several important things you need to know before filing for bankruptcy. These are the following:

Things to Know

  • You need a list for every debt you owe any creditor.

When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, you cannot leave other debts out of it. All debts you have to any creditor must be disclosed; this is a legal requirement. And so, it’s not possible to file for bankruptcy with regards only to your credit card; it must include all other debts and creditors. Yes, even including the debt you incurred from your dentist months ago.

tips in improving credit score

  • Not all debts can be discharged by bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, not all debts can be discharged by bankruptcy. Debts like alimony, student loans, child support and taxes are some of the debts that can’t be eliminated. Furthermore, only unsecured debts can be discharged by bankruptcy. Secured credit card debts will allow creditors to take away whatever items you have purchased for nonpayment.

  • A nondischargeability can be filed against you.

A fraudulent activity can be a source of nondischargeability and you can even be put to jail for it. If you used your credit card for luxury right after you discussed filing for bankruptcy with a lawyer; the court will view this as a sign of fraud. With that said, your debts will not be discharged.

  • Your credit score will be affected by your bankruptcy.

With bankruptcy on your credit report, your credit scores will definitely sink. Those with credit scores that are around 700 will definitely lose around 200 points. This will then have a great impact in your accessibility to credit. It’s possible for you to not be eligible for some loans and credit cards or if you are, you might face sky-high interest rates and fees.

  • You can remove bankruptcy from your credit report sooner.

As opposed to the idea that it will take 7 to 10 years before your name and credit part will be cleared for bankruptcy; there is actually a way to make this happen sooner. With the help of credit repair companies, disputing negative aspects of your credit reports will be made easier.  To know more about this, check out

The Best Alternative for Xmas Lights This Year

xmas lighting

If you’re like most people – you’ll know that Xmas season is one of the most magic and best times to bring everyone together. Nothing smells, feels and marks the coming of Christmas time like decorating your house, tree, yard or maybe even your dog.

Xmas lighting has become a staple of the holiday tradition for the last fifty years ever since manufacturing allowed for the production of cheap christmas lights and accessories. Since that time things have really progressed, most families have multiple Xmas lights setup in their house. Most of them are a gigantic mess of lights, wires, and bulbs all through in an old box in the garage just waiting to be used the next year.

Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds within the last thirty years and there are much better options currently available for Christmas lighting.  We discussed a couple of those options in this post, specifically better Xmas lighting alternatives.

Laser Christmas Lights

One of the best alternatives this year is to use laser based Christmas lighting to get the heads up on your neighbors.

This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. Easier to install
  2. Safer
  3. Easy to take down
  4. Cheaper

The last part is a great feature, there are even cheaper models like snowflake projector systems that are even cheaper than the competition.  To setup this kind of lighting system we recommend a distance of five to ten feet and it’s best to shine them against a tree, wall or garage and avoid shining it into your eyes.