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Country Details:

Basic Information
Capital: Luxembourg
Language: Luxembourgish (official administrative and judicial language and national language (spoken vernacular)) 55.8%, Portuguese 15.7%, French (official administrative, judicial, and legislative language) 12.1%, German (official administrative and judicial language) 3.1%, Italian 2.9%, English 2.1%, other 8.4% 
Population: 605,764
Total Area: 2,586 sq km
Currency: Euro
Economic profile
GDP: $62.11 billion
Real Growth rate: 2.3%
GDP-Per Capita: $105,100
Inflation rate: 2.1%
Unemployment rate: 5.8%

Trade Balance:
Exports:  $15.99 billion
Imports:  $20.66 billion

Revenues:  27.75 billion 
Expenditures: 26.8 billion

Natural resources: iron ore (no longer exploited), arable land

Major exports: machinery and equipment, steel products, chemicals, rubber products, glass

Major imports: commercial aircraft, minerals, chemicals, metals, foodstuffs, luxury consumer goods
Trade partners: Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, UK 

Major Industries: banking and financial services, construction, real estate services, iron, metals, and steel, information technology, telecommunications, cargo transportation and logistics, chemicals, engineering, tires, glass, aluminum, tourism, biotechnology

Agriculture Products: grapes, barley, oats, potatoes, wheat, fruits; dairy and livestock products
Labor force:  282,800 distributed as follows: 
Agriculture:  1.1%
Industry: 20%
Services : 78.9%

External Trade Between Jordan & Luxembourg- JOD

Year Exports Imports
2017 0 3,017,070
2018 1,700 1,850,800
2019  109,200 9,279,600
2020 1,300 6,569,800
2021 (January- February) 0 3,544,200

Source: Department of Statistics

Main Jordanian Exports to Luxembourg:
- Products of the chemical or allied industries    

Main Jordanian Imports from Luxembourg:
- Plastics and articles thereof; rubber and articles thereof    
- Products of the chemical or allied industries    
- Base metals and articles of base metals    
- Vehicles, aircraft, vessels and associated transport equipment    

Agreements between Jordan and Luxembourg

  • EU- Jordan Association Agreement – signed in 1997